Quality Measures

Long before a customer uses any of AFMACO steel cans, a wide range of quality control tests and measures will be performed to ensure we are delivering the best packaging solution possible.

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We have an extensive range of Steel Cans. In addition, we manufacture all of our components such as aloe peel off lids, bottom ends, aerosol cones and domes.

Cylindrical Can of Nominal Diameter 3.785L

Cylindrical Canister 1Ltr Closed Top

Cylindrical Canister 1Ltr Open Top

Cylindrical Canister (Italy) with Iron Handle 12L

Cylindrical Canister with Iron / Plastic Handle 18Ltr

Cylindrical Canister (Italy) with Iron handle 20L

Conical Pail with Crown Lid20Ltr

F-Style Oblong Metal Can 1L

F-Style Oblong Metal Cans 4L

Conical Pail with Crown Lid 12Ltr